• Dining room - rendered from 3D modeling.
  • Great room - rendered from 3D modeling.
  • Conference room - hand-drawn from a scaled layout.
  • Vaulted entry - rendered from 3D modeling.
  • Dining room - sketched by freehand.
  • Elevation of back desk with cabinetry - hand-drawn from scaled layout.
  • Elevations of a bar - hand-drawn from a scaled layout.
  • Entry foyer - hand-drawn from a scaled layout.
  • Entry foyer - overlaid sketch from photography.
  • Ornamented door surrounds - hand-drawn from a scaled layout.
  • Great room - rendered in CAD.
  • Great room - rendered in CAD.
  • Panelled hearth room - hand-drawn from a scaled layout.
  • Great room ceiling - rendered in CAD.
  • Panelled library - hand-drawn from a scaled layout.
  • Library - finished project.
  • Oversized doorway surrounds - finished project.
  • Lounge ceiling - finished project.
  • Master bedroom - finished project.
  • Kitchen - finished project.
  • Great room - finished project.
  • Custom interior and exterior doors.
  • Custom interior and exterior doors.

Design Services Program | Mega Homes


Design Services
Contact your design services specialist at
or at 800.558.0119

About White River Design Services

We provide a wide range of millwork design services (preliminary sketches & elevations , 3D drawings and Build-ups in CAD) for residential and commercial projects, ranging from 25,000 sq. ft. interior projects to single rooms and renovations. Our staff of highly skilled Millwork Designers have more than 100 years of combined experience in the specification of traditional millwork. We will work with your Architect or Designer from initial concepts, build-ups, to full estimating. We take pride in our ability to take your ideas and transform them into an interior of your dreams.


How the Program Works — What to Expect — The Cost

1. Introduction
Contact Mega Home Specialist, Ben Johnson at 1.800.558.0119 ext 112, to discuss your project and schedule an Initial Jobsite Consultation with one of our Millwork Designers.


2. Site Assessment and Initial Design
During the jobsite visit, our Designer will take photos of each room to create some initial concepts and ideas for the homeowner or contractor to review. You should plan on 1/2 to 1 1/2 days for this meeting, depending on the scope of the job and services needed.


Design Services Program
Our Designers Hand-Drawn Architectural Renderings:
Preview | Download

3. Preliminary Design Ideas and Confirmation
We will produce sketches for a visual picture of our millwork and moulding ideas. This may include but is not limited to elevations, sketches and 3D drawings if necessary. Once you are satisfied with the drawings, we will begin to create the technical CAD drawings.


4. Measure and Refine
We will need accurate measurements to clarify the details for each room. After measurements are completed, build-ups in CAD will be created for your contractor.


5. Moulding and Millwork Proposal
The Client can have their contractor do the take-off and estimate cost. Upon request, White River can provide a material take off and estimate, for a fee.


Expected Costs and Fees

1. Hourly Rate for All Design Services & Travel Time. Rate is based on project scope

2. Average investment for Initial Site Consultation -is $2,000- $3,000.00, which includes airfare, travel time, lodging, meals and jobsite time.

3. Design Services are pre-paid and based on requested services.